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Owls are masters of the darkness. Many of our owl relatives hunt in the moonlight and are the top of the food chain, controlling the night skies. Owls can see when it is pitch black and move in silence. They have mysterious powers and are messengers of the night. They can be a good sign and are intelligent birds. Owls emit a sacred spirit.

Bog Barred
Boreal Stare Down
Manny at the Barn
Short-ear Owl Fight
Great Gray in Flight
Night Owl, Palm Springs
Baby Great Gray in Yellowstone
Long-ear Owl feast
My old friend Manny
Owls: Welcome

Below are the Owl species of the Dakotas and Minnesota I have encountered and been able to successfully photograph to date. 11 of 12 spotted with the Barn Owl being heard once.

Owls: Text
Owls: Pro Gallery
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