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Tatáŋka (tah-TON-kah)

Bison/American Buffalo (Bison bison)

Bison and the earth are regarded as one. One of the leaders of the animal nation, the Tatáŋka has provided for the Lakota since the beginning of time. You can see bison roll around in dirt called wallows, keeping off flies and connecting with Ina Maka. The bison bull will also open the earth up and throw plants and dirt all across his body before going into battle. 

Great care is shown for the young of the herd. Old cows are the leaders of these herds and control movement. Mature Bulls will be seen often on their own or in small groups. When a herd is disbanded the bison always make their way back to the cows. Bulls will help if a young bison is separated, they will surround the baby to help protect it from predators. Cowbirds and magpies can be seen in harmony with the bison, often riding on their back.

Color: Dark Brown to Light Brown

Height: 6 feet

Length: 12 feet

Male Weight: 2,000 punds

Female Weight: 1,000 pounds 

Lifespan: 20-25 years in wild 

Speed: 35 MPH

Bison: Welcome
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