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Elk (Cervus elaphus)

The power of an elk is unmatched. Elk take care of the herd and watch for other predators, but you will always find the biggest bull of the harem staring right back at you. The large bulls battle and follow the harem in the rut but also protect and control their environment. Elk have mythical and mysterious ways. The bull elk possesses and controls an unexplained power. Elk teeth are very durable, they last longer than the life of man.

Strength, Speed, Courage

The elk has some of the largest antlers for members of the deer family. They are known for bugaling, you can hear the calls rumble across the landscape. Elk were over hunted and removed from much of their previous territories. A staple across the Great Plains like the Bison historically, only few parks remain that have the mighty elk roaming free.

Color: Brown and Tan, head Darker in color

Height: 5 feet

Length: 9.5 feet

Male Weight: 1,100 punds

Female Weight: 650 pounds

Lifespan: 15-20 years in wild

Speed: 40+ MPH

Elk: Welcome
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