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Tasunka Opi  (wounded horse)
aka Michael Kurtz
Lakota Wildlife Photographer

Michael is an enrolled member from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule, South Dakota.  Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota Morris.  He is a naturalist as well as a volunteer for the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge (USFWS), National Park Service, and Project Coyote. Michael's love for wildlife and tracking animals is shown through his photography. 
Extensive hours and travel to capture the wildlife in their natural habitats have been spent over the last few years.  Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, Montana and Wyoming are some of the recent States traveled to, including areas such as National Parks, State Parks, Bogs and Refuges.  
His spirit connects with the wildlife; therefore the two capture each others attention. 
No fear, only their brave spirit.
Respecting one another.

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Lakota Photography

Wildlife Photography, Tracking, and Education of the FUTURE.

Lakota Photography, run and operated by Tasunka Opi. The mark of Lakota Photography, left by Skecatanka, the most fearsome predator and hunter all across Ina Maka. Out in the field and while capturing all images I execute with determination, nothing but the best for optimal quality. Nothing will slow or deter me from my goals, fighting with the will of a Wolverine.

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